22 best decorating bathroom shelf ideas | Guide by Grace Internationals experts in Pakistan

by nimra mukhtar on August 24, 2023

Bathroom shelf ideas provide the perfect platform for practical storage. It also provides the best platform for decorative displays, creating the ideal balance between beauty and functionality.

Your bathroom should be a place for relaxation and calm, and bathroom shelf ideas can help to make feel organized and clutter-free. When planning your bathroom storage ideas, shelving is essential. Placing important, everyday items on shelves.

So, they can be easily located first thing in the morning and last thing at night will only help to create a more inviting, well-thought-out environment.  As well as being practical, bathroom shelves can of course act as beautiful design features, ideal for adding personality to the space for your bathroom ideas.

Whether you choose aesthetically pleasing shelving units, or decorate more simple designs with unique objects and ornaments, there are options to suit all bathrooms. Experts of Grace Internationals in Pakistan craft this blog post that guide you with 22 best bathroom decoration ideas.

We hope that after reading this article you will clarify that what is you need and demand and which decoration you should adopt that suites your style and taste

22 best decorating bathroom shelf ideas

From luxurious heated towel rails to bath racks, and shower caddies, and unveiling the hidden shelving you already have, these bathroom shelf ideas will help keep your washroom neat, tidy, and stylish.

1.      Use one central shelving unit

Great for small bathroom storage ideas where you want to have a zoned storage area, using a central shelving unit can keep all of your bathroom bits and bobs organized in one tidy space.

Providing a home for both practical items such as towels and containers with toiletries and more decorative pieces such as books and ornaments, this central shelving unit creates a stand-out storage and display space.

Large shelving units like this are often not associated with bathrooms, used more in living room and bedroom spaces, they can work wonderfully for bathroom organization ideas, as well as for adding character to the space.

2.      Make the most out of every inch of space

Whether it’s an awkward alcove, or an area of empty wall space beside a sink, making the most out of every inch of space in your bathroom, and thinking cleverly about how you can create shelf storage, will ensure your designs are created perfectly to the shape, size and style of your bathroom.

The three recessed shelves create a striking display space and design feature, adding depth and a feeling of openness to the room. Fitting perfectly into this section of space beside the sink, the custom shelf design, finished in the same marble-style tiles as the walls and flooring, creates a luxurious display space and storage area.

3.      Embrace low-shelving designs

Having low shelves and cabinets can not only make your bathroom feel more open and spacious but positioning items on low shelving designs can make things easier to reach and locate, making your bathroom feel more inviting and easier to use.

In the bathroom, it’s important to keep toiletries easily accessible. Each area of the bathroom sink, bath, and shower should feature some form of storage to keep toiletries close to hand when needed.

In the bathroom, the warming, dark wood shelving unit combines practical open and closed storage, a great option for bathroom cabinet ideas. Keeping the towels on this open shelf allows for them to be easily grabbed when needed, as well as adding softness to the wooden design.

Low shelving designs like this also free up wall space. The low shelving allows for the decorative vases to take center stage, with the bright white wall space remaining clutter-free.

4.      Use a modular shelving unit

A versatile option for your bathroom shelf ideas, a modular shelving design can be adapted and extended over time to cater to changing spaces, functions, and bathroom designs, ideal for the modern home.

Designed by modular shelving experts, and string furniture, the shelf in bathroom space creates a unique, modern take on a bathroom vanity unit. Created to fit perfectly around the sleek sink space, the shelf contains a cabinet, mirror, open shelving, and hooks, forming a multifunctional storage space that is well-suited for both small and large bathroom ideas alike.

5.      Choose a unique shelf design

When it comes to thinking outside the box and choosing a unique bathroom shelf idea, what gets more unique than putting a ladder in your bathroom?

Ladder shelves have become increasingly popular to use as storage and display units throughout the home. Adding a unique design feature and focal point in a bathroom, a ladder shelf can also provide a practical area to store and display items.

In the more traditional bathrooms, great for country bathroom ideas, the ladder adds as creating a unique, tiered shelving design that works beautifully as a towel storage idea.

6.      Light up your shelving

Whether you position beautiful decorative wall lights over your shelves, or incorporate shelves with innovative, built-in LED lights, lighting up shelving can make a real feature of your bathroom shelf ideas.

If you have decided to build alcove shelves into your bathroom to house plants or beautiful toiletries, one idea is to position wall lights that illuminate the space.

 Often, bathrooms have bright ceiling lights or lights around vanity mirrors, but utilizing lights to illuminate storage shelves, can add a warming glow and soft light to your bathroom, one to consider for your bathroom lighting ideas.

7.      Built-in shelves will help maximize space

If you are looking for small bathroom storage ideas and need to cram storage into every sensible corner of your bathroom, then built-in is best.

Built-in storage makes the most of every inch of space and reduces bathroom clutter, allowing decorative elements to take center stage.

Naturally, adding built-in shelves to a bathroom is most easily done at the design stage of a renovation.

If you’re past that point, look for opportunities to incorporate space-maximizing shelving into the architecture.

In this bathroom, a tall alcove around the sink has been fitted with full-depth shelving to make a vacant space useful.

8.      Open up your vanity unit

Using the space under your sink for storage ensures useful items are close at hand while also making the most of an otherwise dead floor space.

Open bathroom vanity ideas not only make items even more accessible but help a small bathroom feel bigger.

Open shelving helps to create the perception of space, as opposed to built-in units.

9.      Think small

More so than in perhaps any other room, bathroom shelves come in all shapes and sizes but even the smaller ones can make a big impact.

Simply adding a clever accessory, such as a shower caddy, can eliminate the look of an additional ‘mess’ around your shower. This, in turn, can even help your bathroom look bigger.

The great thing about shower caddies is that, depending on the size you buy, everyone in your household can have their own shelf.

10.  Add a shelf above the sink

A shelf above the sink may seem superfluous if you have a vanity unit, or at least a bit of space around your basin.

Storage in the form of shelves or cupboards above the washbasin works well and prevents the surface of the vanity from becoming cluttered.

Items like soaps, hand lotion, and toothbrushes do need to be out in the open, so popping them on a purposeful shelf gives them a dedicated space, such as in this bathroom.

The shelf needn’t take the place of a mirror either and can be positioned just below.

11.  Warm up your cotton with heated towel shelves

An open vanity unit is an excellent space for storing fluffy clean towels having them out full view makes them all the more inviting.

For those looking for the ultimate under-sink storage, it combines the benefits of a heated towel rail with the functionality of a basin stand to create a heated vanity suite with an integrated heated laundry rack.

It's perfect for warming robes and towels over the colder winter months.

12.  Keep it ‘Barley-There’ with glass shelving

In a small bathroom, wall-mounted shelving needs to be fairly unobtrusive. This means keeping shallow depths so that units don’t just out unnecessarily for, a design that is an extension of its background.

If you are looking for storage options to complement your small bathroom ideas, glass makes for a great shelving choice. It's easy to clean, harmonizes well with most wall schemes, and adds a barely-there look to your unit. Grace International's bathroom accessories in Pakistan is offering a variety of Glass shelves If you want variety and style in reasonable price you can visit its website Grace International's.pk

Crucially, it’s a material that can withstand whatever a bathroom throws at it. You must ensure that every product you choose to place in your bathroom is moisture-resistant and capable of withstanding a damp environment.

13.  Turn your toilet into a shelving unit

Toilet shelves allow you to maximize your storage space in any bathroom. If your bathroom does not have enough natural storage space or cabinets to hold all your toiletries then you need to try toilet storage.

While perhaps not the most glamorous location for a shelving unit, the awkward shape of your WC can be utilized to facilitate storage, making it one of the best bathroom storage tips.

Opt to wrap the cistern in an individual unit that creates a small shelf on top of it. Or conceal the cistern in a larger unit built into the wall, as demonstrated in the cloakroom idea, creating an elongated mantel shelf with the potential for additional cabinetry.

14.  Make the most of existing features

Feel like you’ve run out of bathroom shelving space? There may well be a readymade shelf in your bathroom that you just haven’t realized was there. In this room, a built-in fireplace doubles as a decorative shelving unit and even has space for some more practical items if necessary.

You may not have a fireplace, but you likely have a window, so turn its sill into a functioning storage space.

15.  Mix closed and open shelving

If it’s a family bathroom, storage for medicines and grown-up products needs to be at eye height away from the kids or better still, in a built-in or lockable cabinet. 

The children's products need to be out in the open on shelving and easily accessible, but it is also good to have a cupboard space to squirrel these items away.

Both closed and open shelving has their place in the bathroom, so it’s a good idea to incorporate both into any built-in storage. For exploring more options that suites your need and style you can visit Grace International's bathroom accessories in Pakistan.  

16.  Indulge in purely decorative shelving

Making the most of potential storage space is important but so is having a little fun with your bathroom décor.

If you’ve got your storage needs sorted, dedicate a whole shelving unit to expressing your style. A solely decorative shelving unit can help turn a functional bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Fill it with candles, bathroom art designs, books, and ornaments to help create a personal haven.

17.  Get creative with freestanding shelves

While built-in shelving is great for maximizing space, if you like to change your bathroom layout from time to time, freestanding units are flexible and tend to offer a little more room to move in terms of slimmed-down design.

This dainty, wall-leaning shelving unit is a pared-back approach to storage that doubles as a statement piece in the room.

They are ideal for adding personality to your bathroom and have your unique interior spin, whilst not damaging any walls as not all shelves need a drill to fit, making them simple and cheap to create at home.

18.  Make bath time better with a bath rack

When you’re up to your neck in a bubble bath, there is nothing worse than realizing your shampoo is tucked neatly inside a cupboard on the other side of the room.

To keep everything within easy reach, bathers should get themselves either a bath rack, an accessory stand, or as demonstrated in this room.

A small unit, like this accessory stand, doubles as a decorative table and can be easily moved around the room depending on your needs.

19.  Double vanity means double storage

For those restricted by small bathrooms, compact vanity suites will help to create extra storage space.

In bathrooms where space is in abundance, people can make a regal feature of their vanity and enjoy the extra under-sink storage space they have to offer.

Doubling your vanity unit doesn’t just mean the luxury of two sinks. It also doubles the amount of storage-ready space you can include in one piece of bathroom furniture.

20.  Add a built-in shower Alcove

Shelving that just out of the wall is not always ideal in a small shower space, so consider going inside the wall. If the depth of the wall allows, it is good to have a built-in alcove of bathroom accessories to house shampoo, body wash etc.

Failing that, our bottle racks available in large and small sizes are perfect and can be positioned in exactly the right place for showering.

21.  Use shelves to add greenery

The color green has seen a huge usage increase in bathrooms recently, likely due to quarantined longings for the natural world. Rather than repainting your walls, think about how shelving can introduce a little bit of the real thing into your bathroom.

In this bathroom, a shelving unit has been turned into a miniature indoor plant nurseryChoosing scented plants will also help create a multi-sensory environment for your bathroom.


22.  Build a niche to hide pipework and provide storage

For bathroom wall ideas, creating a false wall is often a must in a bathroom when you are attempting to introduce new pipework of Bathroom accessories in Pakistan.

This false wall can provide an opportunity, though, to create an interesting architectural feature with a niche shelf inserted at a height that’s just perfect for storing bath must-haves.


It’s easy to suddenly notice how messy and disorganized your bathroom has become, especially when working from home. That’s where bathroom shelves come in. They make for great additions to bathrooms, working to free up space and create an open and welcoming environment.

When planning your bathroom design, including shelving is essential to make sure your space remains organized and tidy, as well as creating platforms where you can get creative with decoration and styling.

Bathroom shelves need to cater to both aesthetic and practical needs. For more information, you can visit our website Grace Internationals.pk.


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