5 ideas to add a corner glass shelf like a pro

by nimra mukhtar on May 08, 2023

A corner glass shelf Improves the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. These can be the perfect addition to your bathroom by providing additional space and aesthetics. Whether you're searching for a practical storage solution or a stylish upgrade in affordable bathroom accessories in Pakistan. 

In this blog post, we'll review five different installation methods for a glass corner shelf. These methods will help you maximize your bathroom in terms of space efficiency and spa-like ambiance. If you follow these guidelines, installing a corner glass shelf in your bathroom will be as easy as pie.

Methods of Installing a Glass Shelf

Utilize the Space:

Messy or badly arranged things affect the beauty and attractiveness of the bathroom. After a long tiring day, everyone wants to relax with a spa-like bathroom. So, it's necessary to maintain it.

A corner glass shelf might be a lifesaver when a compact lavatory's space is at a premium. Towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities can be stored on a rack that can be hung above the sink or toilet. One of the main advantages of installing a corner glass shelf in your bathroom is that it helps you to make better use of the space.

Making the most of the available area is especially important in a little bathroom. Installing a corner glass shelf in your bathroom allows you to use dead space. That may be ideal for storing towels, toilet paper, or decorative items. All thanks to the shelf's transparent glass construction, the bathroom can appear more extensive and open.

Play with Design:

The versatility of glass shelving allows it to be used with virtually any decor. Displaying colorful vases, artwork, plants, candles, and books on the shelf can bring a splash of color to the room. The flexibility of design is one of the most appealing features of installing a corner glass shelf in a bathroom.

Glass shelves are adaptable and may be used with modern and classic decor. You can decorate your corner glass shelf in many ways, such as

  • utilizing various forms
  • colors
  • textures

The shelf provides extra storage space, but it may also be used to display plants, candles, or artwork to liven up the space.

Choose a beautiful bracket to hold the shelf if you want to add more style and flair to the room. These are a great way to add storage space and a unique design feature to your bathroom without breaking the bank with competing the bathroom accessories price in Pakistan.

Create a Spa Vibe:

Create a soothing spa vibe in your bathroom by installing a glass shelf in a corner. Put some candles, bath salts, and oils on a shelf to be within easy reach. A corner glass shelf can also make your bathroom feel more like a spa. You may make your bathroom a place of peace with only a few well-chosen touches.

Add some candles, bath salts, and oils to the shelf for easy access to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. The shelf can also display fluffy towels, a robe, or a small vase with fresh flowers to give the room a more refined feel. Plants and stones are two natural components that can be incorporated to achieve a peaceful atmosphere. With its help, you can make your bathroom feel more like a spa and enjoy a daily dose of relaxation and newness right in your home.

Install Lighting

Lighten your bathroom to lighten your life. Also, installing lighting behind a glass shelf can achieve an attractive and practical appearance. Make your shelves look more sophisticated by installing LED strip lighting or using a spotlight to draw attention to critical items. The installation of lightning will increase the attractiveness by 3X greater than before.

  • Adding lights is another professional touch when putting in a corner glass shelf. The aesthetic and functional value of your bathroom's lighting can be significantly improved by installing new fixtures.
  • The shelf and its contents can be transformed into a work of art with the help of strategically positioned lighting.
  • It can help give your bathroom a welcoming glow and make you feel more at home.
  • Lighting can also have functional purposes, such as illuminating a work surface or guiding your way through a darkened room.
  • You can make a corner glass shelf aesthetically pleasing and practical by adding illumination.

Mix and Match:

Combine glass shelves of varying heights and widths for a more dynamic and eye-catching presentation. Experiment with color and pattern, and combine conventional building supplies with nontraditional ones to create a unique statement.

  • If you want to add a corner glass shelf like a master, try mixing and matching corner glass shelves of various sizes and forms.
  • You can make a storage system perfect for your home and your belongings by playing around with the shelf sizes and shapes.
  • Glass corner shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The smaller ones are great for displaying decorative things or storing toiletries.
  • The bigger L-shaped ones may hold towels and other bulkier necessities.
  • To give depth and aesthetic interest to the bathroom, combine clear glass shelves with frosted or colored glass shelves. For example, your bathroom corner glass shelf display can serve as a practical storage solution while reflecting your style and taste.


A corner glass shelf may be a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom. You may add a corner glass shelf to your bathroom like an expert with the help of the advice and ideas presented in this blog post by Grace's team.

A corner glass shelf can be the perfect addition to your bathroom, whether you want extra storage, a decorative feature, or a spa-like ambiance. By following tips like,

  • Remember to have fun with the layout use the available area, use lighting
  • establish a relaxing spa vibe
  • combine items of varying sizes and forms

These tips can help you install a bathroom accessories glass shelf in Pakistan.  like a pro, improving its aesthetics and utility.

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