6 Bathroom Décor Ideas for Quick Makeover| Guide by Grace International Pakistan

by nimra mukhtar on August 06, 2023

Do you need bathroom design ideas for a small space or simple bathroom décor ideas for a small bathroom? Is there a way to make your cramped bathroom feel more spacious? If that's the case, I've included over six of my favorite solutions for making the most of a small bathroom.

It can be both challenging and thrilling to decide on a layout and set of features for a tiny family bathroom. There is a lot to consider when designing a small bathroom. Whether you are updating an existing space or starting from scratch.

Have no fear, though; I've compiled the best tried-and-true thought guide for your next compact bathroom remodel. Grace International’s care for you is genuine that’s why we crafted this blog to guide you.

In the next sections, you will learn a wealth of useful information that can be used in your update planning.

  • Everything you need to know to maximize space
  • make your little bathroom look roomier,
  • from figuring out how where to start

to obtain all the answers you need, is right here. So, why delay? Let’s quickly start.

1.     Frame the bathroom’s doorway with a shelf to hold toiletry items.

1st option is to install open shelves or tiny bathroom cabinets above the entrance as an alternative to filling the entire doorway. The result will be space-saving smart storage solutions for the lavatory.

Use open shelves.

Towels, cosmetics, and other such personal goods benefit greatly from being stored and shown in open-shelf cabinetry. To keep your open shelves looking neat and tidy, you can use wooden baskets or plastic bins to store your items.

2.     Use the bathroom’s ceiling

The ceiling in the toilet is also functional. You can use it to display a few potted plants or to hang a few shelves to store bottles. Make sure the lower-hanging items won't hurt the higher ones, and vice versa.

3.     Dual-purpose furniture

Make the most of your limited space by furnishing your bathroom with functional, versatile pieces. You can install a rack directly beneath the mirror on the front of the unit to store often-used items like medicine and brushes.

And you can also install a small cabinet behind the mirror to store items like these. Your limited bathroom storage will be much improved by this.

4.    Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are another option to consider. They have a dual purpose of providing you with extra space to store your things and helping you look your best every day.

5.     Color and Paint Ideas

Colors that are crisp, clean, and inviting are ideal for a bathroom's decor. Creating a "sense of cleanliness" is simple with white and its variations, hence these colors are frequently used in bathrooms.

There is no harm in choosing unconventional hues if that is what you want to do to shake things up. Personality and flair can be displayed through the use of color, texture, and patterns.

You may add flair and drama to a space by starting with a basic design and then adding details to the walls and flooring. The colors you choose for a room should make you feel at one with it while also bringing you immense pleasure.

Here are some tips for helping you choose a color scheme:

  • Get a book on colors or ask for swatches from your local paint store or hardware
  • Pick colors that appeal to you at first glance
  • Create a second list of favorite colors that grow on you after a few hours
  • Go to the bathroom and study the lighting. Notice how the colors you have picked react under the lights
  • Make a third list eliminating all the colors that jar your senses or have stopped looking appealing to you
  • Tape the colors on the wall and leave it alone for a day or two
  • Make your final decision after several days

6.    Storage Ideas

Storage is the most common complaint from clients when I work on smaller bathroom makeovers.

There are lots of ways to squeeze extra storage out of small bathroom cabinetry. Here are sneaky small bathroom cabinet ideas to enhance your storage space:

  • Install storage space for items like razors, toothbrushes, medicines, cleaning materials, etc., both under and above a sink.

  • A beautiful bathroom mirror can be added to the small cabinet above the pedestal sink.

  • Don't neglect the area over and behind the bathroom sink. A cabinet or open shelves can be installed there to accommodate additional items. Add some life to your bathroom with some plants or fun bathroom decor like ornamental bottles or frames.

  • You may put your spice rack anywhere you like. Makeup and toiletries may be neatly stored in open spice-rack-like drawers in the little bathroom, and there's even room for a few indoor plants.

  • The bathroom entrance is a good spot for a small cabinet. Extra toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, etc., can be stored here in neat little baskets.

  • Putting a holder for the hair dryer within the bathroom cabinet door is a terrific space-saving option for a small bathroom.

  • Put bottles and cleaning goods in baskets if the storage space under the sink is too small for shelves. The storage capacity will increase dramatically, and it will be easier to locate items.

  • Installing a lazy-Susan in a cabinet is another cunning and ingenious way to make the most of storage space. It's not limited to kitchens; you can use it to store bottles and quickly locate them whenever you need them. 

  • A slim sliding shelf cabinet can fit in the tight space between the lavatory and the wall. It may surprise you to learn just how much stuff may be stored in such slim cupboards.

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Achieving long-term contentment with your compact bathroom space requires you to refrain from accumulating more clutter as the months pass.

A mat, soap, shampoo, towel, trash can, toilet paper, water and a few more things are all you really need to make the most of your bathroom. Anything else can be stored away... such as your prescriptions, cosmetics, household goods, hair care products, mobile phone, hamper, magazines, books, newspapers, and more.

You should also remember that the fact that you have the option to renovate indicates that you have some degree of influence over the area being updated. For more details visit Grace International’s store and get your favorite products in reasonable price.


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