6 DIY Tips and Tricks to Craft Your Soap Holder Easily

by nimra mukhtar on March 18, 2023

Did you know that installing a soap holder for your soap can help your soap last longer? But you will wonder how an accessory can increase the lifespan of the soap. Well, the answer is very easy. It can keep your soap dry and prevent the unnecessary melting of it and prevent messy soap scum buildup. A soap dispenser can not only keep the soap long-lasting but can also help in keeping the soap clean from bacterial growth.

 Tips and Tricks to Craft Your Soap Holder

It is one of the most common accessories used in bathrooms. In addition, it is not only a functional accessory it also adds a little more luxury to your bathroom.  Besides purchasing it, you can also craft your own according to your personal taste and needs. Crafting your own can also be a fun and enjoyable DIY project that uses your ideas into a practical craft and improves your crafting abilities. So why not give it a try to convert your own ideas into a practical piece of soap dispenser?

There are multiple DIY ways to make a soap dispenser, whether you like a minimalist look or a more decorative look.

  Soap Holder

In this blog post, we will provide you with Six tips and tricks you need to craft it. So let’s dive into our DIY guide.

Tips and Tricks to Craft Your Soap Holder

The DIY  ideas are easy, inexpensive, and adaptable, so you can make it according to your needs and style. It helps in improving your daily routine whether you’re an experienced crafter or a newbie.

1. Geometric Wooden Soap Holder

Are you looking for a idea that looks modern with natural material use? Then it is an excellent DIY choice you have. It is easy, affordable, and provides aesthetics to your bathroom or kitchen.

To craft it, you’ll need a Wooden block, sandpaper, a saw, and some glue.

Steps to follow

  • First of all, using a saw cut the wooden block into a geometric shape like a hexagon or triangle, any shape you like.
  • Next, using sandpaper smoothen the edges of the cut wood.
  • Now attach all the wooden blocks with glue. If you want to add some elegant accent, then you can wrap the blocks with copper wire.

Once the glue becomes dry it  is ready to use. It keeps your bathroom aesthetically pleasing, dry, and clean. 

2. Crafting a Rustic Soap Tray

If you want to décor your dish soap dispenser with natural and rustic material, then using natural stones can be a choice. It is an affordable and simple DIY craft that will keep your bathroom aesthetically pleasing.

To craft it, You’ll need smooth and flat stones and some super glue for adhesion.

Steps to follow

  • First of all, make sure to clean all the stones thoroughly and place them in the manner you want to design.  Apply super glue in between the stone for adhesion and let it dry.
  • Next now place a wooden tray or a tile and adhere the holder with help of super glue. And then Let it dry.
  • If you want to color your holder tray, you can paint it with the help of waterproof paint.

 Once the color becomes dry, you can use your masterpiece in your bathroom to keep your soap clean and dry. Natural stones Rustic tray is a great DIY project to bring the outdoor touch into your home.

3. Colorful and Fragrant Soap Dish Soap dispenser

If you want to add creativity and a pleasant smell to add to your bathroom, it can be the best option. You can customize your soap dish according to your favorite colors and scents.

To craft the Colorful and fragrant Soap Dish Holder, You’ll need a soap mold, Clear casting resin, soap fragrance oil, and dried flowers.

Steps to follow

  • First, Mix the clear casting resin and add then add few drops of soap fragrance oil and mixed it well
  • Next arrange the dried flowers on the soap mold, and arrange them in a pattern. Then add the resin into the mold, to completely cover the mold with resin. And keep it for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours you can remove the dish from the mold and Use it as a beautiful DIY craft to keep your soap clean and dry.

4. Crafting a Shabby Chic Soap holder from Tin

If you love to have a Vintage touch in your bathroom then creating it can be a great option. This is not only providing you the functionality but also provides a Royal aesthetic to your bathroom or Kitchen.

To create the Shabby Chic Soap dispenser a Vintage Tin, sand paper, Paint or spray, and glue.

Steps to follow

  • First, Clean the tin and sand it completely to remove debris, etc.
  • Spray or paint the tin according to your choice. Let it dry for some time.
  • Now attach the Tin with a tile or piece of wood with glue and let it dry.

Once you are done with the Soap dispenser then you can place your Vintage style DIY project in your bathroom or kitchen to place your soap bar. It gives a rustic and charming vibe to your bathroom.

5. Soap Shelf with Leather Straps and Wooden Bead

If you are a lover of a simple yet stylish soap storage accessory, then a soap shelf with leather straps having a wooden bead is the best option. This minimalist type of Soapbox holder is not only great for its functionality but also provides an elegant and modern look to your bathroom or kitchen.

To Craft, this soap shelf with leather straps you need Leather straps, a wooden bead, a piece of wood, a drill, sandpaper, drill, and screws.

Steps to follow

  • Start with smoothening the edges with sandpaper to create an even finish.
  • Next, make holes in the wood and attach the leather straps at each end of the wood and add a wooden bead with each knot.
  • Next, Secure the soap shelf with the wall using screws. Make sure to secure it tightly.

Once it is secured tightly, then it’s ready to place your soap on the shelf to maintain the hygienic condition of the soap. It is not only suitable to store your soap on the shelf, but you can also place your other bathroom essentials on it. It is also the best DIY craft to increase your storage space in your bathroom.

6. Soap Dispenser with a Glass Bottle

Have you ever thought of using a glass bottle in a Soap dispenser DIY Project? If not, then here you have a DIY project of using a useless glass bottle as a functional Soap Dispenser. This DIY project is easy to use and also has an aesthetic effect on your bathroom.

To Craft this DIY project, you will need a glass bottle, a pump, glue, and material to decorate the glass bottle.

Steps to follow

  • Start with cleaning the bottle. Remove all the unwanted materials and things from the bottle.
  • Next attach the pump with the help of the glue. Make sure to fit it properly to prevent leakage.
  • Now decorate the glass bottle with the help of paints and other materials, according to your choice.

Once you are done with the decoration of the soap dispenser, then use it for your favorite soap. It can also be used for other liquids like hand wash, sanitizer, etc.


Making your own soap holder can be a satisfying, fun, and enjoyable DIY project. It can help you convert your ideas into practical and functional projects and create a perfect bathroom accessories in Pakistan. You can create your own functional masterpieces by using these Six DIY tips and tricks.

Each DIY idea offers a unique way to store your soap in various ways. So why not give it a shot? With a few simple tricks and easily available materials, you can transform an ordinary soap bar holder into an aesthetically pleasing style of it.


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