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by Mrs Naved Ahmad on December 29, 2023


 Grace Store offers Stainless Steel Wall mounted Tissue Roll Holder 

Durable Materials, Elegant Designs, and Customer Satisfaction are our priority!

 A bathroom toilet paper holder is more than just a fixture. These holders are designed to hold and dispense toilet paper securely and ensure that this essential item is always within reach, kept clean, and rolls smoothly.

This toilet paper holder is made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or chrome-plated metal, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The sleek design and finish add an elegant touch to any bathroom, making it a perfect addition for modern and traditional spaces.


Grace Store is a leading brand in Gujranwala, Pakistan. It provides high-quality Home/ Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories that combine style, functionality, and convenience.


Why It's a Bathroom Essential:

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or simply looking to add style and convenience to your current setup, investing in a high-quality toilet paper holder from Grace Store is worth considering.


Hygiene and Accessibility:

First and foremost, it's about hygiene. A toilet paper holder keeps the roll off potentially wet surfaces, reducing the risk of contamination. It's also about accessibility – strategically placed, it ensures that toilet paper is always available when you need it most.


Aesthetic and Order:

These holders contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The right design complements your decor, adding a touch of elegance. Moreover, they help maintain order and prevent rolls from getting lost on the floor.



Types of Toilet Paper Holders:

Grace Store Pakistan understands that every bathroom is unique. That's why they offer a variety of holders


Wall-Mounted Holders:

The classic choice for a fixed, sturdy solution. It is ideal for bathrooms where space is limited. The main feature of the Grace Store wall-mounted toilet paper holder is its convenient design. It allows you to easily access your toilet paper while keeping it neatly stored away.


Free-Standing Holders:

Perfect for those who prefer flexibility. Easy to move and ideal for larger bathrooms or those who rent and can't drill into walls.

Recessed Holders blend seamlessly with the wall, offering a sleek, modern look and saving space. Over-the-Tank Holders: An innovative space-saving design, these hang off the toilet tank, perfect for smaller bathrooms. Multi-Functional Holders: These come with added features like shelves for phones or small items, combining utility with convenience. Shelf Holders: These come with a little shelf on top - perfect for holding your phone or a small plant. They blend functionality with a dash of personal style.



Grace Store Pakistan: Quality and Trust:

The Grace Store wall-mounted toilet paper holder adds a touch of style to your bathroom and offers practical benefits that make daily tasks more accessible and efficient. That is how small detail makes a world of difference. They offer:


Choose the Right Location:

The first step in installing your new toilet paper holder is to choose the correct location. Ideally, it should be placed within easy reach of your toilet seat. Find a spot on your bathroom wall that meets these criteria and mark it lightly with a pencil or marker.


Measure and Mark Mounting Points:

Using your measuring tape and leveler, carefully measure the distance between each mounting point on the back plate of the toilet paper holder. Once you have determined these measurements, transfer them onto your marked spot on the wall using a pencil or marker.


Drill Holes:

 Using a drill bit slightly smaller than what you need, make sure that you have all the necessary tools at hand. These include a drill, leveler, measuring tape, pencil or marker, screwdriver or electric screwdriver, and of course, the Grace Store Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder kit which includes mounting screws and anchors.



Best Usage Practices:

To maximize the benefits, consider the following:

Location: Position the holder within easy reach of the toilet, ideally at a comfortable arm's length. Height: Mount it at a height accessible to all users, including children and those with mobility issues. Style Match: Choose a design that complements your bathroom's theme. Grace Store Pakistan offers a range of styles to suit any decor.



While often overlooked, a bathroom toilet paper holder is a vital component of bathroom design. It enhances hygiene, convenience, and aesthetics. With Grace Store Pakistan's diverse and high-quality offerings, finding the perfect match for your bathroom is easier than ever. Elevate your bathroom experience with the right toilet paper holder – a small change with a significant impact.


Grace-international. pk is one of the trusted brands in Pakistan!
Grace's team works day and night to facilitate its customers and to provide the best quality of all Home Accessories, Kitchen appliances, and bathroom accessories at suitable prices because it is our policy to maintain our Name Standard.




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