How can I cover this drain with Sanitary Plumbing Floor Drain Jali Stainless Steel?

by nimra mukhtar on January 17, 2023

A plumbing floor drain jalis is applied to the opening of a floor drain to blockages caused by debris and other materials entering the drain system.

It is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and simple to clean, stainless steel is a common material for floor drain jalis.

Some floor drain jali manufacturers offer their products in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes for use in various applications.

Importance of Plumbing floor drain jali stainless steel


Stainless steel is a strong and durable material. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and the weight of vehicles.

This ensures that the floor drain jali will not easily break or become damaged.

Corrosion resistance:

It is resistant to corrosion, which means that it will not rust or deteriorate over time.

This makes it a suitable material in areas that are exposed to water, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to clean:

Non-porous material that does not absorb liquids or stains, making it easy to clean and maintain.


It has hygienic material that does not harbor bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. This makes it a good choice for use in areas where cleanliness and sanitation are important, like hospitals and food processing facilities.

Aesthetically pleasing:

It has a sleek and modern appearance that can complement a variety of design styles. This makes it a popular choice for use in both residential and commercial settings.

Tips for using a floor drain jali stainless steel:

Proper installation:

Make sure that the kitchen bathroom floor drain jali is properly installed and securely attached to the floor drain. This will prevent dislodged or damage over time.

Regular cleaning:

Keep the water floor drain cover jali clean by regularly removing debris and other materials that may accumulate on it.

This will help to prevent blockages in the drain system and maintain the appearance of the jali.

Use appropriate cleaning products:

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials when cleaning the steel bathroom kitchen floor drain jali. Instead, use mild soap and water or a specialized stainless steel cleaner.

Check for damage:

Inspect the steel bathroom kitchen floor drain jali regularly for any signs of damage or wear like dents or rust. If any damage is found, the jali should be replaced.

Use appropriate size:

Make sure that you are using the appropriate size for the floor drain. Using a jali that is too smallor too large can cause problems with water flow and potential blockages.

Consider the design:

If you are using the floor drain jali in a commercial setting or in a public area, consider the design of the jali. Some designs may be more slip-resistant than others, which can be important for safety.

Step-by-step guide on how to use a floor drain jali 

Locate the floor drain:

The first step is to locate the floor drain where the jali will be installed. This is typically found in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Remove the old jali:

If there is an existing floor drain jali in place, remove it by carefully lifting it out of the drain. Be sure to remove any debris or buildup that may be present in the drain.

Measure the size:

Measure the size of the floor drain to ensure that the new jali will fit properly. If necessary, trim the jali to fit the size of the drain.

Install the jali:

Place the jali over the drain, making sure that it is centered and level. Some jali's come with a locking mechanism, attach it securely.

Test the water flow:

Flow water over the jali to test that it is properly installed. And water flows through the drain without any blockages.

Clean and maintain:

Regularly clean the floor drain jali to remove debris and other materials that may accumulate on it. This will help to prevent blockages in the drain system and maintain the appearance of the jali.


Stainless steel Plumbing floor drain jalis is important to ensure the longevity, hygiene, and aesthetics of the floor drainage system. We hope that this blog is helpful and guide you according to your need.

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