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by nimra mukhtar on May 21, 2023

Welcome to the lively and always-changing world of Pakistani home décor!  As we are moving towards 2024, a new movement is forming and led by Grace International.

The style of home accessories and art has moved to the front of the stage, giving you a new and exciting way to change your living space. The luxurious aesthetic does not include glittery, flashy, mirrored, or glitzy environments.

But rooms will be filled with warmth, calm, and collected accents, plush cushioned chairs, soft carpets, tiered lighting, pillows, and blankets that are made of exquisite materials. The way people decorate their houses with a focus on wellness and hospitality


In this blog, we'll dive into the fascinating world of home items' decor styles. We'll examine what it means, what elements are popular, and how to use this trend to make your home unique and special.

Home accessories and décor styles are trending in Pakistan

1. Your Living Room Awaits More Life

The living room is the most important in your house because you gather with your family to watch a movie, laugh, and eat popcorn.
Not only should it have enough places to sit, but it should also look great. Here are some latest interior design ideas for living rooms:

  • Your chairs and couches need to be more colorful and comfortable. They should be a little bigger and make you feel relaxed just by looking at them. After a long day, you just want to crash somewhere.

  • Add pops of bright colors like dark blue, bottle green, sharper red, and shocking pink to neutral colors to make a theme stand out.

  • A stack of self-help books sits on a coffee table next to a potted plant and a few fancy and fun bowls.  

Curtains in a light color with a simple design that rolls back on wide-paned windows also add a touch of aesthetics.

2. Traditional Pakistani décor: 

Traditional Pakistani décor is always in style and will never go out of style. It includes Elaborate patterns, bright colors, and detailed stitching that distinguish its look.

Furthermore, Rugs, tapestries, and tablecloths produced by hand are frequently utilized in traditional Pakistani décor. These type of handmade things increases the aesthetics of the house and also add a cultural touch to your home. it shows the love of Pakistani people for their country. If you want to add style aesthetics and elaborate colors to your home at a reasonable price, then traditional Pakistani home accessories are a very good choice for you.

3. Biophilic Design

People have been interested in eco-friendly practices for a few years now, and they are drawn to designs that will help save our planet and support sustainability. The effort to save the planet has spread to Pakistan's interior design community.

Some of the most important parts of this design that are friendly to nature are the big windows that let in a lot of natural light and air. When the area is designed, natural materials are used, which cuts down on harmful toxins.

Having a ventricle garden is a must because it makes the air better. The water part is also required. In this design, it looks like an aquarium, a small waterfall, an indoor pond, and so on.

4. Modern Interior Design

Futuristic interior design is a way to combine ultra-modern design aesthetics with the latest technology in an open area. The main features of a modern design are wavy and straight lines in the ceiling, floor, walls, etc. It normally has a metallic look with white, black, and grey as the main colors.

5. Concentrate on Wellness

Are you prepared to travel back to the roaring twenties, as art deco is set to make a dramatic comeback in the new year?

Even though symmetrical proportions and angular forms have been widespread in interior design over the last decade, we expect similar patterns embellished with opulent themes and luxurious materials to emanate the glitz and glamour of art deco.

Homeowners may also notice increased availability of art deco-inspired furniture and home accessories with enticing hues, strong motifs, smooth curves, stylized fauna, trapezoidal shapes, and zigzag patterns. 

6. Multipurpose Areas 

In the last two years, multifunctional areas have become frequent fixtures in many homes. Basements have been transformed into gyms, walk-in closets into home offices, and balconies have been made into indoor gardens.

The trend peaked after the pandemic, which confined people to their houses and effectively reduced their exposure to the outside world for months. 

Modern designers are developing new ways to use the same room for more than one thing. In simple terms, even the smallest parts of a house are used.

One of the best things about this interior design style is that it has a lot of storage space, which gives the owner more room to do other things. With the rise of multifunctional spaces in interior design, there are many ways to make the most of a space's potential.

7. Wall Textures 

It is also worth noting that textured walls are excellent at concealing physical defects and imparting a sense of luxury without appearing overpowering.

Some of the most frequent techniques to accomplish this impression are to apply textured paints to the walls with precise brushstrokes or to use faux plaster for a more natural look. Faux cement can also be an excellent alternative for individuals looking to create an accent wall that does not detract from the room's significant pieces yet brings the eye to it.

8. Tons of Gold Interestingly

Golden tones also represent richness and sophistication. They also complement practically any color wheel, including darker tones like blue and black and softer tints like cream and grey. In other words, whether you wish to paint your home in neutral tones or choose jewel tones, gold-colored items will complement and elevate your color design.

9. Coloring at Ceiling

Instead of covering the top in a neutral tone with little to no design, the following home décor trend will urge experts to experiment with color in this area of their home. Although dusty tones in lighter hues are advised for ceilings to create the sense of a taller room and make it feel more spacious, you can choose almost any color that appeals to you.

If you want your home to be where you can be yourself or show off your style, a simple design is the way to go. The main features of this style are low-slung beds, rustic furniture, wooden floors, and big lights like ornate lamps that help people rest away from the busy city life.

10. Lighting for Decorative Purposes 

Oversized pendant lights may illuminate a specific area and serve as an accent element in living and dining rooms. This in-depth overview lets you learn more about pendant lights' various sizes and kinds. Furthermore, wall sconces with metallic coatings may be an excellent choice for other home areas, such as the kitchen and bedroom.

Of course, you can also use lamps to adorn your room by placing them on console tables, nightstands, end tables, and desks. 

11. The tone of Water 

Many anticipate that water tones will steal the show in 2024 due to their visual appeal and ability to create a calmer atmosphere. These colors provide a sense of peace and relaxation, complementing the renewed emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Painting an accent wall with water tones is another option for people looking for a mental reset after a long day.


When selecting accessories for your home design, remember your style, the room's purpose, and the overall look you're attempting to accomplish.

The idea is to choose accessories that match your furniture, color scheme, and lighting, resulting in a coherent and attractive environment. You can accessorize your home like a pro and create an environment that reflects your distinct personality and style with a little effort and imagination.

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