Tips and tricks for Beginners to use a Towel Rod Bar like a Pro

by nimra mukhtar on March 16, 2023

Do you want to use a Towel rod bar in your home to organize your towels and other stuff? But you are a beginner at using a towel rack? And don’t know how to use it exactly? If Yes! Then you are at the right place to get your answers.

The Towel Rod Bar is a typical item in many homes, whether in the kitchen or a bathroom. It can be a perfect solution for the bathroom and kitchen when it comes to small storage space. It helps in organizing the towels and keeps the space clutter-free. They not only serve a functional purpose but also give a touch of style

If you are a beginner, then you need to understand the basics of the towel rod first!

Towel Rod Bar

Understanding Basics of Towel Rail

The bathroom towel rail is one of the essential accessories you must have. it will provide easy access to your towels. Towel rods are available in a variety of shapes and designs. You can choose according to your preferences. 

There are various types of bathroom towel rails like free-standing towel rods, wall-mounted towel rods, over-the-door towels, and towel rings. Each type of towel rail can be used according to your needs. Free-standing is a great option for limited wall-space bathrooms. Over-the-door towel rods are an option for bathrooms having small floor space. So you can choose according to your bathroom type.

The next thing you need to consider is the functionality of the towel rail in your bathroom. How many towels do you need to hang from your towel rail? If you intend to hang more weight from your towel rail, then choose rods having more capacity. Otherwise, your stuff will sag from the towel rod. 

Another important thing to consider is the size of the rod. The standard length of the rod is between 18 to 36 inches. But it should always be chosen according to the needs, and the bathroom size.

Now! As you are well aware of how to choose a perfect bathroom towel rod for your bathroom. Further! We will discuss some simple techniques that will help you to use your bathroom towel rod like a pro. That will help in making your routine more efficient and organized.

Techniques to Use Bathroom Towel Rod

Bathroom towel rods are an important accessory that is used to keep your towels and stuff organized. Being a beginner, you are looking to use the most of it. Then, by using these simple techniques to use the bathroom towel rod like a pro. 

Choose the right Bathroom Towel Bar

    Choosing the appropriate bathroom towel bar is the first important step. When choosing a towel bar, you need to consider your bathroom size and the functionality of the bar

    In the case of a small bathroom, you should opt for a small wall-mounted towel bar. But if you have limited wall space, opt for a free-standing towel bar. In the case of the spacious bathroom, you should opt for a large towel bar that is suitable for more towel accommodation.

    While choosing a material for a towel rod, a heavier towel bar should be considered to support more weight.  It will increase the functionality of the bathroom and accommodate more towels. 

    Correct Installment of the Bathroom Towel Rod

      Installing a bathroom towel rod at the correct location is another challenge for beginners to maintain accessibility and functionality. The standard height of the towel rod is 48-54 inches from the floor. But you can adjust it according to your preferences. 

      While Towel rod placement, ensure that the towel bar is not placed near the shower or over the sink. it will keep the towel dry. But the towel should be accessible to the user. 

      Maximizing the space for Towels Storage

        When it comes to small bathroom space, Storage space is a big issue. But using various accessories can help you maximize your storage space and keep it organized. A bathroom towel rod is one of the accessories that keep your towels and stuff organized. 

        You can maximize the storage space of your small bathroom in three ways

        • Organizing the towels Properly

        Organize your towels and stuff appropriately. Fold the towels to an appropriate length, and evenly space the towels. It will help less space taken by the towels and increase functionality. A double towel rod can be a great option to maintain a space in towels, which will also help in keeping the towels dry and maintaining hygiene.

        • Adding Multiple Accessories 

        Adding multiple accessories like hooks and clips can also help in maximizing the space and keeping your bathroom clean and tidy.


        • Using various designs of Bathroom Towels Rod

        In order to increase storage space, various types of bathroom towel rods are available.  A bathroom towel rod with a shelf is a great option. Which provides you with a huge space to store various essentials with towel hangings. A bathroom towel rack freestanding can be another option for bathrooms having small wall space.  

        Bathroom Towel Rod Maintenance

        Maintaining and cleaning the towel rod is a very important part of its durability and maintaining functionality of the towel rod.

        Various things need to keep in mind for Towel rod maintenance

        • Regular Clean-up of the Towel Rod 

        Regular cleaning of your towel rod to prevent dirt buildup is necessary. It would help if you wiped your towel rod with a damp cloth. 

        • Avoid too much weight

        Keep the weight according to the material you have chosen to use. Don’t add too much weight, this can damage the towel rod or break over time.

        • Maintain the Rod’s parts

        Check for rust and use ways to avoid causing extremely moister of the rod. Check the rod’s screws and tighten them, in order to prevent the loosening of the screws.

        • Avoid Overcrowding of the Towels

        In order to maintain a tidy environment in the bathroom, you should look for other alternatives along with bathroom towel rods. Using a double towel rod can prevent the overcrowding of the towels. A towel rod with a shelf can also keep the environment organized and avoid clutter. 

        Experimenting with unique towel folding techniques can also help you to adopt the most suitable way to keep your bathroom organized. Using color coding for your towels can be a hack to keep a tidy environment in the bathroom and prevent overcrowding while using it.


        A towel rail is an important and versatile accessory that can greatly help you out in keeping your towels and stuff organized. With a little bit of creativity, you can make the most of the available space in your bathroom. With the techniques we have discussed here, you can increase the functionality of the towel rail.

        So, whether you are an experienced towel rail user or a beginner, using these tips and tricks can greatly help you to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. Try them out!


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