Towel hooks with shelf hacks you should know before installing it

by nimra mukhtar on April 28, 2023

In recent years, towel hooks with shelves have grown in popularity. They provide a valuable and fashionable storage solution for bathrooms and other areas. Not only are these hooks excellent for hanging towels. But they also offer a convenient place to store bathroom accessories like soap, shampoo, and other toiletries.

So, to make the most of this storage option, it's crucial to learn some tricks before installing towel hooks with shelves. That ensures that towel hooks with shelves are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So, let's dive into this article, exploring helpful hints and techniques.

Towel Hook
vs. Towel Bar

Towel hooks are frequently referred to as towel bars. It's likely because towel hooks take up little room. Many people believe that towel appearance is superior to towel bars. Some people think towel bars can ruin a bathroom's aesthetics.

How High Should Bathroom Towel Hooks Be Mounted?

The first thing you must do is ascertain the towel hook's height. Many people wonder how high towel hooks should be.

What height is ideal for a towel hook? For many of us, the height of the bathroom towel hook has been a mystery. As opposed to the towel rail, the towel hook ought to be higher. This way, the towel can be hung securely so it doesn't fall to the ground.

 It will be challenging to hang and remove your towel if the towel hook is too high. The people who will use the theme may experience discomfort if it is positioned too low. For this reason, it's critical that you get the height correct. Towel hook height from the floor should range from 55′′ to 60′′ if the members of your household are of average size.

Towel Rod Organization Ideas

These days, towel bars are easily accessible at your neighborhood hardware or DIY store and come in various lengths and sizes. They can be as purely decorative or as strictly functional as you like. Using towel bars allows you to match your decor with a bit of shopping easily!

Storage Towel Rod for Lids

Having everything you need fit on your kitchen countertop is made possible by the kitchen organization. You don't need to overstuff your cabinets. Install a towel bar close to your pots and pans. So that you can store lids there without worrying about them slipping through the cracks.

This bar can be mounted next to a cabinet or drawer. They appear to be safe from breakage and simple to retrieve.

A towel rod-made pot and pan holder

Hanging pots and pans from a kitchen towel holder is a simple way to save space on the counter and decorate it at the same time. It gives you a ton of extra storage space and adds lovely kitchen accessories to your kitchen. Depending on how many pots and pans you own, you can have one or two stainless steel bars.

There are many advantages to using a towel rod to make a pot and pan holder.

  • The first benefit is that it frees up valuable cabinet space. Also, it makes it simple for you to reach your pots and pans while cooking.
  • Second, it is a space- and money-saving substitute for conventional pot and pan racks, which can be expensive and bulky.
  • Finally, it is simple to install and can be modified to meet the particular requirements of your kitchen.

Cups and mugs can be hung from a towel rod.

It will appeal to coffee lovers much more. You can show off your impressive collection of K-cups and coffee mugs. With your coffee maker and supplies, your kitchen will now serve as your coffee station. As family and friends visit, they can make coffee while admiring how well-organized your kitchen is.

It also has many advantages to hanging cups and mugs from a towel rod.

  • First, your kitchen will look more attractive, and it will be easier to access if you hang them from a towel rod rather than keeping them in a cabinet.
  • Second, it allows you to display your cups and mug, a beautiful way to highlight your distinctive collection.
  • Finally, it might be a cheap way to get your kitchen organized. You can use a towel rod that you already own or can buy for a reasonable price.  

Charging Station Using Towel Rod

Use a towel bar to create a dedicated charging station for your device. You only need the bar next to a socket and a phone basket. Your devices are safer because they won't be vulnerable to drops. Also, your cables could be safe for your curious children in this basket.

 The benefits of using a towel rod as a charging station are the following.

  • Keeps all of your electronic devices together while they are charging.
  • Keeps equipment from getting lost or misplaced.
  • Keeping cords and chargers in one location can lessen clutter in your home.
  • It makes the space tidier and more organized.
  • It's an inexpensive way to organize your charging area. The bedroom set price in Pakistan is very high, but I'll save your budget.
  • It can be easily modified to meet your individual needs.
  • It has a small footprint and can be installed in many different places.
  • It can be applied to various gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

IKEA Produce Basket System Hanged on Towel Rod

When adding a produce basket to your kitchen island, follow the same procedure as in tip four. You can put fruits or vegetables inside to clear out your island and make it roomier for cooking. Also, plants and oranges give this kitchen life. It is a necessity in my kitchen and one of the essentials.

  • Create a designated product area to free up counter space in your kitchen.
  • It Improves your product's accessibility and visibility.
  • Adds a decorative touch to the furnishings in your kitchen.
  • It can be easily modified to meet your individual needs.
  • Includes fruits, vegetables, and herbs among the products for which it can be used.
  • It enables air to circulate, keeping your produce fresher for longer.
  • Organizes and inventories your products more efficiently.
  • Easily maintainable and clean.
  • Organizing your products in the kitchen on a budget and efficiently.


Towel Rod for Yoga Mats Storage

It is the most intriguing yoga, especially if your mats are stored in a corner. Keep your carpets in a towel rack. What a fantastic way to save space for your tiny home gym! Spray painting the bars will make this installation activity more enjoyable and attractive. It should be a sufficient incentive to get up and start your morning workout.

  • Saves floor space: Hanging your yoga mat on a towel rod keeps it out of the way and frees up floor space rather than leaving it on the ground.
  • Yoga mats are not the only items that can be stored on a towel rod; foam rollers and resistance bands are two more possibilities.
  • reasonable and economical solution, your yoga mat and other exercise equipment can be stored on a towel rod for an affordable price.

Toiletries Storage Hack from Towel Rod

Even though towel bars are typically associated with bathrooms, they have other creative uses. It's okay for all of your personal care items to be stored away in closed cabinets or on the floor. They could be used simultaneously in one location after using the loo. To organize your toiletries, create a storage space above the toilet by suspending wire baskets from towel bars. You have more room to move around in and use now.

  • Space-saving: Instead of piling up toiletries on your bathroom counter. Hang them on a towel rod to free up valuable counter space.
  • Keeps your toiletries organized: You can keep them tidily arranged and simple to find by hanging them on a towel rod.
  • Enhances the decorative elements in your bathroom: Depending on the design of the towel rod you select. It may improve your bathroom's decor and add a decorative touch.
  • Installing is simple: A few simple tools are typically all that is needed to install a towel rod.
  • Affordable and cost-effective solution: A towel rod is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to maximize the space in your bathroom while storing your toiletries. The bathroom set price in Pakistan is very high, but I'll save your budget.

Laundry-Room Drying Bar as a Towel Rod Hack

Some clothing, like cotton shirts, cannot be dried in a dryer due to their shrinking propensity. Therefore, they require separate air drying, which justifies providing a drying area for them. 

A towel bar makes more room for many shirts than the conventional drying rack. Install a towel bar in the laundry room (under a shelf) to dry items that cannot be dried in a dryer. The bars can also be used to hang already-ironed clothing. When ironing after a laundry day, in addition to this task.

  • Multi-purpose: A laundry-room drying bar can serve multiple purposes. Such as drying clothes, hanging wet towels, or storing items like cleaning supplies or clothes hangers.
  • Adds a decorative touch: Depending on the style of the laundry-room drying bar. It can add a decorative touch to your laundry room or bathroom and complement your decor.
  • Can be easily installed: Installing a laundry-room drying bar is typically a simple process that requires only a few essential tools.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: A laundry-room drying bar is easy to clean and maintain. That makes it a convenient storage solution for your home.

Towel Rod as a Gardening Tools Organizer

It is a reminder for any indoor gardeners to organize their spaces to be simple to use. Use a bath towel rod to hang your gardening tools to make the most of the area in your shed. Now, it is simple to choose the necessary tool without wasting time looking for it.

  • Keeps tools organized: By hanging your gardening tools on a towel rod, you can keep them neatly organized and easy to find.
  • Prevents damage to devices: It can avoid damage to the blades and edges of your devices, keeping them in good condition for longer.
  • Adds a decorative touch: Depending on the style of the towel rod, it can add a decorative touch to your garage or shed and complement your existing decor.


Towel hooks with shelves are a great storage option that can give any bathroom more style and functionality. To make sure they are installed correctly and securely. It is crucial to consider the area, the weight capacity of the shelves, and the placement of the hooks before installing them. 

You can make the most of your towel hooks with shelves. And design a practical and well-organized bathroom using the tips and tricks covered in this article. These suggestions from Grace International will help you achieve a great result. Also, reap the rewards of this helpful storage solution for years to come, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or hiring a professional.

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