Transform Your Bathroom Oasis with Grace International’s Must-Have Accessories in Pakistan

by nimra mukhtar on June 25, 2023

Have you ever gone through great bathroom pictures on Instagram and Pinterest? It's fascinating to see how people upgrade their little bathrooms to make them luxurious and functional with few additions.

Now you must be thinking, what minimal upgrades can transform a small bathroom into luxuriously functional? It's simple. Declutter and decorate your bathroom with aesthetic bathroom accessories. 

Considering its importance, a bathroom requires much space to be kept tidy and organized. It can be challenging to store towels, toiletries, and other necessities in a small bathroom. The room can be made more visually pleasing and functional by adding fashionable items that use the wall space, the area above the sink, and vertical and corner space rather than floor space.

Accessories like bathroom cabinets in Pakistan are available in various designs to keep the bathroom essentials aesthetically organized. High-quality materials along with affordable bathroom accessories prices in Pakistan are available to opt from. 

In this blog post, we'll tell you about seven bathroom accessories you should install to get an aesthetically functional bathroom. Let's get started!

Must-Have Bathroom Accessories to Add to Your Space

Installing a fashionable and valuable item is the secret to creating a fantastic, organized, and helpful environment. The list of fundamental bathroom fixtures you should know is provided below.

1. Soap Dish

Soap dishes might seem like a simple accessory, but it is a significant bathroom accessory to add to your bathroom. Soap dishes protect your soap from being soggy and keep it dry. By keeping the soap dry, soap dishes play a role in extending the lifespan of the soap and keeping it hygienic. 

Soap dishes are available in multiple elegant designs, shapes, and colors. Choose a unique design and the right color that complements your bathroom design and adds an elegant touch to your bathroom décor. With varying bathroom set prices in Pakistan, it may vary in designs and quality material. 

2. Towel Hangers

Towel hangers are simple yet significant accessories to organize your towels efficiently. Towel hangers significantly improve daily use by keeping the towel organized and easily accessible to users. Towel hangers are available in various forms, like hooks, rings, and bars. You can install your favorites' to upgrade your space into your dream bathroom design. 

Towel hangers are available as

  • freestanding bars
  • wall-mounted
  • over-the-door hangers

You can choose your towel hanger according to your space. In case of small space, go with a wall-mounted or over-the-door towel hanger to save your space. Towel hangers may vary in design and material, with varying bathroom set prices in Pakistan. Choose what suits your bathroom within your budget. 

3. Tissue Paper Holder

The tissue paper holder is a necessary bathroom item that is now expected in every home in Pakistan. It is a practical and hygienic way to store and distribute tissue in the lavatory. The tissue paper is kept dry and undamaged in the holder, which is made to keep it nicely organized.

The tissue paper holder not only fulfils its practical purpose but also provides a touch of beauty to the bathroom decor with its sleek and fashionable design possibilities.

 These holders, which can be wall-mounted or freestanding, are available in a range of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and wood, so homeowners can select one that matches the design of their bathroom.

It is a necessary component of any Pakistani home since it encourages

  • cleanliness
  • hygiene
  • a well-organized environment in the bathroom.


4. Wall Shelves

Shelves are the perfect bathroom accessory to choose from when it comes to storing your toiletries and bathroom essentials. It can also be used for decorative purposes like showcasing artwork, photo frames, plants, and other decorative show pieces or functional items.  

Installing wall shelves with multiple unique and classy designs can add a perfectly significant touch bathroom upgrade. For a minimalist look, floating shelves can be a perfect option. But if you want a sturdy wall shelf, bracketed shelves are a perfect option.

5. Wall Cabinet

A bathroom cabinet in Pakistan is a choice of accessory for storing your bathroom essentials with style. In small bathroom spaces, wall cabinets greatly declutter the floor storing toiletries, towels, and other essentials by occupying the wall space.

Bathroom cabinet in Pakistan is available in multiple designs and colors. Regarding material, bathroom cabinets in Pakistan are available in metal, wood, and glass materials; you can choose according to your choice of bathroom design. For modern design, you can go with glass and metal materials. For traditional visual appeal, a wooden wall cabinet can be an option.

6. Wall Racks

The wall rack is another upgrade to your dream bathroom transformation. It declutters your bathroom with style and elegance.

It can be used to enhance the storage of essential bathroom items and for decoration purposes like adding plants and artwork—multiple designs and materials to choose from. Choosing a wall rack is not just about the design that adds to your bathroom décor; it should complement your space.

7. Single Shelves

Single shelves are a simple but significant accessory that enhances functionality and elegance. In a small bathroom, it uses the wall space or countertops and clears the floor in a small bathroom.

These shelves provide a single level of storage space but can help maximize space and declutter the space. It can be mounted above the sink or toilets or on the countertops. Adding class to your space can keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

8. Corner Baskets

The corner basket is another unique accessory for a small bathroom transformation. It is convenient and keeps items organized like shampoo, conditioner soap, and other items.

Corner baskets can be installed in unused corner space, increasing bathroom storage space. A corner basket is a perfect accessory to improve functionality with the class to the small bathrooms. It can also look aesthetically pleasing for decorative purposes like storing artwork and DIY projects.


Adding accessories to your bathroom plays a crucial role in improving the overall function with enhancing elegance. Bathroom transformation includes minimal elegant bathroom accessories like soap dishes and space-saving accessories like sleek design cabinets to improve functionality with class. 

Choosing the right accessories for your bathroom is what you need to understand. Regarding materials, Bathroom accessories prices in Pakistan and bathroom set prices in Pakistan may vary.

With affordable bathroom accessories prices in Pakistan, you can find high-quality materials and the best complimenting design. So are you ready for the functional transformation of your bathroom? Get these accessories today!

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