Key Takeaways for Determining Your Toilet Paper Holder Height

by nimra mukhtar on May 08, 2023

Undoubtedly, it is one of the essential elements of your bathroom. It gives your bathroom a coordinated appearance. It would help if you considered several things while choosing the best toilet paper holder for your bathroom. But wait! Can you just put it anywhere in your bathroom? The answer is no.

While installing a toilet paper dispenser, you must work on many details like height and placement. Its size may seem like a minor detail in a bathroom, but it can make a huge difference. It can significantly make a difference regarding comfort and accessibility in your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holder

Benefits of Correctly Installing a Toilet paper dispenser

Correctly installing a Toilet roll dispenser can significantly benefit you in multiple ways like

Promoting Hygiene

Properly installing a kitchen tissue holder can keep the toilet paper dry and clean, reduce the tissue roll's contamination risk, and promote hygiene.

Prevents Wasting of Toilet tissue

Correct installation of toilet tissue holders can prevent the excessive use of tissue paper. It maintains the right amount of tissue to be dispensed and prevents waste.

Saves Space

Installing the tissue roll holder in the right place can save space in your small bathroom. Choosing one with a shelf can increase storage space in a small bathroom. These with storage can be another choice to increase storage space.

Provides Convenience

Providing convenience is one of the main aims of correctly placing a kitchen tissue holder. It allows easy access to the tissue roll for the users.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Proper placement of bathroom accessories can enhance the appearance. The tissue roll holder Placement can increase the unified look of the bathroom.

Key Takeaways for Toilet Tissue Holder Height

The Tissue paper holder height may seem like a minor choice when remodeling your bathroom. But selecting the ideal size can significantly affect the convenience and comfort of the users. Here are the key Takeaways and insights into choosing the perfect height for your bathroom toilet tissue holder.

1-Standard Height for Toilet Paper Holder

This is 26 inches from the floor to the Centre of the toilet paper dispenser. Installing it with the standard height can work well with any toilet and provide maximum comfort. However, the height range may not be suitable for some individuals and require some changes according to their comfort level.

2- Types of Toilet Tissue Dispensers and their height requirements

Toilet tissue dispensers can be installed in various styles, and each design requires a specific height. Every plan has its height requirements.

  • Standard-mounted holders should place at a height range of 19 to 23 inches from the floor.

  •  The Recessed Mounted can be installed at a lower height range from 15 to 19 inches from the floor.

  •  Free-standing toilet paper dispensers don't have any specific height requirements. It can be placed according to the accessibility and convenience of the users.

3-Factors need to take into consideration for Toilet tissue holder height

Several things need to be taken into account for the correct installation of toilet tissue holders. First, who are the users of the bathrooms, either kids or adults or both? If you are installing a toilet tissue holder in a family bathroom, it must be accessible for kids. Furthermore, if installed in a primary bathroom, it should be placed at the standard height.

The location of the tissue holder is also essential. It should be accessible without too much effort. It should be convenient and comfortable for the users.

4- Relationship between Tissue roll holder height and Various Bathroom size

Bathroom size may affect the ideal height for the tissue roll holder. A smaller bathroom is placed at lower elevations. Reaching the toilet paper in small bathrooms could be challenging due to awkward angles. So It is kept more basic to make it accessible for everyone. 

The holder can be placed at a standard height in large bathrooms without compromising accessibility. Ultimately, the proper placement of the holder maintains a unified look in the bathroom.

5-Wall Space Considerations

Wall space availability plays a massive role in determining the tissue roll holder height. It has a significant role while installing a tissue holder. If you have limited wall space, the holder should be placed at a lower elevation so that it does not obstruct movement in a small space.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of wall space, you can choose the holder height with more flexibility. For an aesthetic look, it should be placed at a higher height.

6-Tissue roll size Considerations

For tissue paper holder height, roll size should be taken into account. If you are using a large-size tissue roll, place the holder on its side. It will prevent tissue from dragging on the floor and allow it to fit easily. If you put the holder too low, then it will cause poor hygiene with the tissue.

Convenience and accessibility should be considered when installing a tissue holder on a wall. There should be a balance between holder height and accessibility for every user.

7-Height considerations for Tissue Paper dispenser with shelf and storage

If you use a tissue paper holder with a shelf or storage, you need to consider various factors for its installation. The placement and height of the tissue paper holder on the storage unit or shelf are critical. Size and placement should always be according to the holder's functionality with the frame or storage.

The height of the tissue paper holder with storage should be inserted according to its functionality. For taller items, the holder should be installed higher. Storage should be installed lower for convenience if the holder is installed for smaller items.


Toilet Paper Holder


The Installation of Tissue paper holders, like other bathroom accessories in Pakistan, must be done correctly. As discussed, the height of the holder placement varies in various factors. These factors can help you choose the best size for your Tissue holder. It will ultimately increase the accessibility, Convenience, and Functionality of the bathroom. A bathroom glass shelf can be an excellent addition to your bathroom. It not only has a sleekmodern appearance, but it also provides more storage and display space.

Bathroom shelving units such as corner shelves, over-the-toilet shelves, and shelves with towel bars are ideal for maximizing space in more oversized master baths or guest bathrooms.

Bathroom shelves come in various designs and provide a place to store extra toilet paper, boxes of tissues, and other necessities. If you want a classic look for your bathroom, glass shelves could be the ideal choice. Glass shelves may be the best option for a classic look in your bathroom. The glass construction provides sturdiness while complementing almost any décor style.

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