Tissue Paper Holders That Add Style and Organization | Grace International’s Guide

by nimra mukhtar on October 15, 2023

Tissue paper holders are home accessories that can often get overlooked. But these handy organizers serve many purposes beyond keeping tissues neat. When chosen thoughtfully, they become décor statements that add style to your space.

This article will explore some key benefits of using a tissue paper holder in your home. We’ll also discuss popular placement spotsdesign factors to complement your existing room décor, creative styling ideas, and important considerations when selecting the right tissue holder.

Learn how this organizational workhorse can also be an interior design asset.

Tissue Paper Holders That Add Style and Organization | Grace International’s Guide

Critical Benefits of Tissue Paper Holders

Having a tissue paper holder conveniently accessible around your home is always lovely for quick clean-ups, sneezes, or blotting makeup. But tissue holders offer additional advantages:

  • Convenience - Tissue paper holders keep boxes orderly and upright, dispensing one sheet at a time. No more fumbling with loose tissues or tipped-over boxes.
  • Organization - Containing those messy tissues in one designated home looks much tidier. Eliminate clutter on countertops and tabletops.
  • Decorative Style - With so many designs, you can select tissue paper holders that coordinate with your room’s décor. Or make a statement with an ornate standout. 


Tissue holders are versatile. And it’s handy to have them stationed in multiple rooms. Now, let’s look at some prime locations to install them.

tissue paper holder

Popular Locations for Tissue Paper Holders

Bathrooms Kitchens Living Rooms Bedrooms Home Offices

Tissue Holder Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathrooms rank up there with kitchens for needing tissues in a flash. Humid environments and frequent hand washing mean counters often collect condensation. And, of course, noses tend to run more around all that steam and heat.

Strategic tissue holder placement in bathrooms includes:

  • On countertops: position near the sink within easy reach. It can be stood upright or mounted horizontally.
  • Mounted to Walls: Install vertically on walls or horizontally on open shelves. Allows more open counter space.
  • Near Sinks/Vanities: Place on the countertop lining the sink or vanity top. Keep tissues handy for spills and drips.

Tissue Holder Ideas for Kitchens

The kitchen is another high-humidity, high-traffic area prone to spills and cleaning needs. Make sure to station tissues where cooks can quickly grab them. Ideal kitchen spots are:

  • On countertops: Situate near cooking zones or on eating bar/island countertops.
  • Mounted Near Sinks: Attach horizontally under wall cabinets within arm's reach of the sink.
  • On Kitchen Islands: Set tissue holders on open island surfaces for convenient access from all sides.

Now that we’ve covered prime real estate, what design factors help tissue holders complement your existing room décor?

Factors for Complementing Room Décor

  1. Materials like [Marble, Wood, Ceramic, Acrylic]
  2. Finishes like [Polished, Matte, Hammered, Distressed]
  3. Colors that Coordinate with Room Palette

Picking the right tissue holder is all about finding one that fits in with your space's existing style and aesthetics. Rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, you want something cohesive.

Tissue Paper Holders That Add Style and Organization | Grace International’s Guide


Consider a material that coordinates with other finishes in the room. Metal, wood, marble, and ceramic holders pair well with matching cabinets, fixtures, and countertops

For example, an antique bronze holder would complement bronze hardware on drawers and cabinets. Or a marble tissue holder matches nicely with marble countertops or backsplashes. Matching materials create flow.


Please pay attention to the texture of your holder and how it aligns with the textures found throughout the rest of the room. Smooth, polished metal and ceramic holders feel at home with other gleaming surfaces in contemporary spaces. 

For traditional rooms, seek out ornamental holders with detailed embossing or hammered metal textures that fit in with antiques. Distressed wood has an earthy, rustic feel that suits farmhouse or cottage rooms.


A tissue paper holder in a shade already in your color scheme ties everything together beautifully. Warm metal tones like brass and copper pair well with earth tones. 

Cool silver, gray, and black metals fit modern color palettes. Bold pops of color in tissue holders complement accent walls or brightly colored décor pieces.

Ornate vs. Minimalist 

The overall style of your room décor should steer you toward ornate or minimalist tissue holders. For traditional décor, ornately detailed holders with filigree, scrolling, or turned wood details fit right in. Contemporary, modern rooms call for simple, stripped-down geometric holders to match the clean-lined aesthetic.

Your tissue paper holder's colors, textures, and style should fit in with your room’s current scheme. Consider matching or coordinating with:

  • Existing Cabinet Hardware: For a cohesive, built-in look of your home.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Coordinate metals like bronze, nickel, black iron, etc.
  • Color Palette: Choose a hue that complements your wall colors and fabrics.
  • Overall Room Style: Make a statement with an ornate holder for traditional décor or a minimalist holder for modern spaces.
  • Countertop Materials: Wood, marble, stone, and metal holders often pair well with matching countertops.

Stylish Ways to Use Tissue Holders

When not actively holding tissues, these versatile accessories become décor standouts. Some clever ways to utilize tissue holders decoratively include:

  • Fill with Decorative Accents: Vintage jewelry, sea shells, small candles, figurines, etc., make attractive “filler” inside empty holders.
  • Repurpose as Flower Vase: The right-sized tissue holder can serve double duty as a narrow flower vase.
  • Leave Empty as Accent Piece: On open shelves or countertops, stylish tissue holders stand alone as eye-catching decorative accents.

Key Considerations When Buying

Size/Capacity Needs Refilling Convenience Matching Room Style and Hardware Finishes

Before purchasing your tissue holders, assess a few factors:

  • Size/Capacity: Will it need to hold multiple tissue boxes? It is more significant for high-traffic rooms and more minor for bedrooms.
  • Refilling Access: Open-end design allows dropping in new boxes. Some have removable tops for easy refills.
  • Mounting Method: Freestanding, adhesive (no nails), or mounted with screws. Mounted is the most secure.
  • Material/Finish: Ceramic, metal, wood, etc. Matte, gloss, polished, or textured? Match/coordinate with your existing décor hardware and style.
  • Brand Reputation: Established brands generally indicate better quality materials that will last.

Tissue holders have come a long way from boring wire stands. Now, they can infuse personality and sophistication into any room when chosen with your décor in mind.


Hopefully, you now see tissue holders as the multi-purpose home accessories they are. Convenient tissue organization is just one perk. Stylishly designed holders also provide décor opportunities to make a statement or harmonize with your room motif.

When selecting and placing your tissue paper holders, focus on your functional needs and aesthetic style. Aim for strategic locations that keep tissues handy and within easy reach. Choose colorstextures, and designs that flow with your existing furnishings and cabinetry.

With many options for materials, finishes, capacities, and designs, you can find high-quality toilet paper holders to suit any room’s décor. This organizational and decorative piece will benefit your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and moreJoin Grace Home Accessories.

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